Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home Again

Here we are, back from our summer adventures. I didn't get around to half of the things I had planned, but we had fun. Too bad we missed out on seeing the people we had planned to visit; there were just too many upsets and illnesses in the rest of our family.
The children both joined ball teams, and they had a blast! It really capped off the summer when they received their trophies and personal baseball cards.
Unfortunately it was too cold to swim. An ocean of water, and the only week it was warm enough to go in, we were all sick.
Now that we're back it all seems sort of twilight zone-ish. As soon as our plane set down, I felt as though it had all been a dream.
Now it's back to work, I guess. The dc have been doing their schooling for the past month, with the exception of math for ds. (Didn't have the books, so it was all review!)

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