Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We are done! Hsing is officially over in our home for this year. We'll begin a chemistry series over the summer, but I believe that it will be well accepted by the children.
We didn't get everything finished; ds is perpetually a half a year behind in math, and both dc started new spelling books in April (which of course are not complete).
This is the point when I make the resolution that "next year" things will be different. We 'll stick to our schedule, and nothing will be undone next spring. I'm not sure why I feel the need to make these promises to myself. The children are happy and obviously learning, so why do I feel the need to conform to a ps schedule?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We'll be leaving early Thursday morning, and I can hardly believe that it's so close. I have a few last minute things to take care of, and then I'll pack. I'm so happy that I'll be home for the summer, but I'm sure that the children will miss their friends.
Due to the fact that we're taking our pets, we won't have the travel freedom that we usually have. I'll have to be around twice a day to feed them if nothing else! It's not that big of a deal though; it will save on being pulled in too many directions by all of the people who want to spend time with us. (Who would have thought that we'd end up being so popular!!?)
Hopefully dh's family will be understanding about this. I don't want them to feel slighted, but it's not as though I have a choice in the matter. Apparently we'll have to travel a few hours to see his grandparents, but at least we won't have to spend the night! His grandmother does not like me in the least (and has told me so), so it's a relief to not have to spend days in her company. I generaly pretend that she does like me and carry on as usual, including her in all conversations, etc. Drives her nuts! (Not even sure why she doesn't like me....I'm so darn likeable!)
Between gifts and books, we might have to take an extra suitcase. This is why I like the train: you don't have to worry about weight or size as much as flying. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed on the "new" train. Poor planning, if you ask me! Hopefully the cats will fly well. My mother's afraid that someone will try to throw us off the plane of Herecles yowls. I did my best with the vet for something to calm him- they were "sure he'd be OK". Oh, alright then....would you folks like to take him as carry-on?
Praying for good weather, a safe flight, and content pets and people!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Books and More Books!

I ran over to the bookstore since they had a sale on today. I bought quite a few books for our summer reading. It may seem silly, but I enjoy owning the books and being able to read and re-read them whenever I want. Plus, I actually save money by not incurring library fines... I think that the library system ought to pay me to not borrow books!
To name a few, I picked up Sarah Plain and Tall, The Velveteen Rabbit, and #3 of The Canadian Flyer series for my 5yo. For the 10yo I grabbed #1 of The Roman Mysteries, Huckleberry Finn, and Owls in the Family. I picked up a few others, plus I already had some books here, so I think we're ready for the summer. Now I need to figure out how to get them on the plane without passing weight restrictions!
I don't need to take any books for myself, which will save a lot of space in our luggage. My mother has bought the entire Outlander series in the past few months, and I'm going to give it a go. I've looked at this series before, but haven't read any of it yet. Hopefully it will live up to the great reviews I've heard from friends and acquaintances.
I'd like to say that I'll read anything, but it's not true. Some books are so horribly written (or edited even!), that I can't be bothered with them. Hopefully by the time the children are grown, they'll have developed a love of good literature, and avoid the mindless drivel that can rot your brain.
Edited to remove tirade!

Meet the Family!

Here are the young ones. As you can see, they posed with their favorite bear, who sat still for quite some time during the creation of this masterpiece! Of course, the children have grown some since this was made; our daughter is now five(gasp-almost six!), and our son is ten. Sniff...he's old enough to go to the corner store alone!!! Hmmm....does that mean he's old enough to take charge of the laundry...?

This is the patriarch of the family, who is also the artist behind all of our lovely family pictures! Perhaps when he's feeling creative again he'll add our two cats to the mix!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

putting it off

I should be doing the housework, but here I am! The children are in bed, my husband is out for a few minutes, and it's quiet. Not that I generally mind the noise, but sometimes it's nice to sit and just think my own thoughts. I'm sure that most people feel this way...
I'm preparing for our trip out east, which at this point mostly involves cleaning the house. I'm a person who doesn't actually pack until the day before a trip, I just make numerous lists to be followed.
The last trip we took, I had to pack 3 months worth of stuff on two hours notice. The only thing I forgot were my running shoes, so I was pretty proud of myself! For this trip though, we're taking our cats along. Hopefully they'll weather it well, since the flight's only a couple of hours.
I've been trying to get my son interested in some of the literature that I grew up reading, such as Eight Cousins or Little Women. (Yes, I know they're by the same author!) He's not buying it though. He'll read them, but he doesn't love them. He enjoyed Robinson Crusoe and The Jungle Book, as did I, and also enjoys Nancy Drew. I suppose that these are all adventures or mysteries, so it's genre related.
I have a summer reading list made up for him, and I threw in mysteries, adventures, suspense, and a few nature books. I borrowed some selections from a few great lists that other bloggers have put out there (who I'll credit when I figure out how to do that!!!-Or even the niceties behind getting permission etc...), and I think that he'll be happy overall. (As long as we throw in some dragon-lore!)
My daughter is just beginning to read, but her joy is in medical texts. My five year old now owns five large and complex books on the human body, it's make-up and functions. Only one is what I would call age-appropriate, but she looks at them every night, and quite often chooses them as her bed-time stories. No one ever told her they were too old, so they're not!

Day One

I've titled this Day One, since I tend to start blogs and then never see them again. Mostly because I would love to have one of those blogs that people go to for a quick laugh, or to glean some wisdom to enrich their lives, but mine never seem to cut it.(IMHO)
This is Spirited Sprites, so named because I have beside me Raising your Spirited Child, of which I have two! We are homeschoolers, and are ending our fourth year. (Well, there should be a 'half' there too!) We are excruciatingly eclectic, but we tend to enjoy ourselves.
If you take the time to read this, you'll realise that I love bracketts and those lovely pause dots.....I think that I actually speak this way, so please be patient! Eventually I'll figure out how to add photos and other little treasures that make a blog fun....until then, I'll just ramble away! Unless of course I forget that I even started this blog, or lose it like I did the last one; not even sure what site I was working with for that one!!