Saturday, May 26, 2007

putting it off

I should be doing the housework, but here I am! The children are in bed, my husband is out for a few minutes, and it's quiet. Not that I generally mind the noise, but sometimes it's nice to sit and just think my own thoughts. I'm sure that most people feel this way...
I'm preparing for our trip out east, which at this point mostly involves cleaning the house. I'm a person who doesn't actually pack until the day before a trip, I just make numerous lists to be followed.
The last trip we took, I had to pack 3 months worth of stuff on two hours notice. The only thing I forgot were my running shoes, so I was pretty proud of myself! For this trip though, we're taking our cats along. Hopefully they'll weather it well, since the flight's only a couple of hours.
I've been trying to get my son interested in some of the literature that I grew up reading, such as Eight Cousins or Little Women. (Yes, I know they're by the same author!) He's not buying it though. He'll read them, but he doesn't love them. He enjoyed Robinson Crusoe and The Jungle Book, as did I, and also enjoys Nancy Drew. I suppose that these are all adventures or mysteries, so it's genre related.
I have a summer reading list made up for him, and I threw in mysteries, adventures, suspense, and a few nature books. I borrowed some selections from a few great lists that other bloggers have put out there (who I'll credit when I figure out how to do that!!!-Or even the niceties behind getting permission etc...), and I think that he'll be happy overall. (As long as we throw in some dragon-lore!)
My daughter is just beginning to read, but her joy is in medical texts. My five year old now owns five large and complex books on the human body, it's make-up and functions. Only one is what I would call age-appropriate, but she looks at them every night, and quite often chooses them as her bed-time stories. No one ever told her they were too old, so they're not!

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