Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day One

I've titled this Day One, since I tend to start blogs and then never see them again. Mostly because I would love to have one of those blogs that people go to for a quick laugh, or to glean some wisdom to enrich their lives, but mine never seem to cut it.(IMHO)
This is Spirited Sprites, so named because I have beside me Raising your Spirited Child, of which I have two! We are homeschoolers, and are ending our fourth year. (Well, there should be a 'half' there too!) We are excruciatingly eclectic, but we tend to enjoy ourselves.
If you take the time to read this, you'll realise that I love bracketts and those lovely pause dots.....I think that I actually speak this way, so please be patient! Eventually I'll figure out how to add photos and other little treasures that make a blog fun....until then, I'll just ramble away! Unless of course I forget that I even started this blog, or lose it like I did the last one; not even sure what site I was working with for that one!!

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