Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Ready Yet!

I haven't been here much, but I'm working on something! You would think that a gingersnap would be easy, but it's proving harder than I at first suspected. Today I'll be pawning my latest attempt off on some unsuspecting homeschoolers (shhh), but I'll have another go at it tonight.
It's not that they taste bad at all; in fact, they're quite good. It's the texture that's giving me the difficulty. The end result is almost carmelized in places, and the aftertaste is decidedly grainy. Oh well! It's fun to try the latest results, even if they're not up to par.
On another note, I have a new bread recipe that I created last week. Hopefully I'll have the time on Saturday to post the recipe.


At Home on the Rock... said...

Amber --- I've tagged you in a Meme --- see my blog for details

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ah, but it all sounds very interesting, especially the caramelized bit!
thanks for dropping by, I'm a bit gutted the rolls didn't turn out, I've replied to your comment, I hope that will help.
You do need your camera (from your wishlist) so we can see all your results!