Monday, October 22, 2007

longer days

Well, I've been getting up earlier for the past couple of months. I'm usualy ready for the day by 7:30. So, why can't I get more free time? It seems the earlier I get up, the more I have to do! Not that I'm over-working or anything, that's not likely. But between housework, school work, play time for the kids, cooking and baking, outings and exercising, I don't have that much time for other things. Such as reading. Never has it taken me so long to read a book! I believe that I've been reading the same book for three weeks now!
Of course, there are also Halloween costumes to make, and quilts that I have yet to finish, and so on and on and why am I not getting anything new worked on? I have a couple of extra hours every day, and yet there it all sits.
Of course, I do still spend an hour or so online every day, catching up on e-mails and checking out hsing boards. But I have always done those things! Somehow I seem to have lost time by trying to gain it.
Ah well, the house is cleaner, the kids are progressing through the school year, and dh is well fed. I guess now that I have the time, I just need to work on time-management!

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