Monday, October 15, 2007

New day, new stuff!

I'm really just writing a quick note here to try out our new computer. I no longer have the itallics choice- hmmm...have to look into that! It's funny how quickly things change. A month ago, I never would have thought about replacing our old computer, but there it is, on the floor. Most things seem to go that way for us- we just go along, and suddenly something changes; sometimes so quickly that we don't even see it coming.
Dh had thought that his trip to Pakistan was kaput, and then this week he met a man who's working on another dig there, who just offered to take dh along! So, now we may not get home for Christmas (which will save a lot of money). Plus, dh will be gone for three or four months. We'll roll with whatever comes, but sometimes change takes me by surprise!
Probably everyone deals with this at times, but tonight it seems pretty huge to me!

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