Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Feeling

I spent today doing...well, not much of anything. Laundry, reading, picked up a tree with the dc. It's a tiny, paper tree, but it's the one that the dc wanted. Next year they want a big tree, but this is good for now.
I spent most of today singing Christamas carols and reading Christmas poetry with the children. Too bad for the neighbours- I've had a cold, and probably don't sound so hot! Right now I have Blue Christmas running through my head. I must be winding down.
I love Christmas music. My mother gets annoyed when I sing it in the summer; or she pretends to. Probably secretly laughing! It's one genre where I know a lot of song lyrics. I tend to forget the words to other music unless I'm listening to it at the time. The past two years, I haven't felt too much Christmas spirit. This year, it seems to be creeping up on me. First just odd moments of excitement, and then it became longer-lasting and stronger. It will be nice to sit near our diminuitive tree eating cookies and singing carols. Reading The Night Before Christmas for the umpteenth time of the season.
It takes so little to bring true's a wonder that we don't find it more often!

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