Monday, November 19, 2007

Wind-up Flash Light

We were at C. Tire the other day, and I finally remembered that I needed a new flashlight. This is something I usually think about after something has rolled under a bed or the power has gone out, so I was quite proud of myself. I knew that I wanted one that didn't require batteries, as I can't remember to buy those either, and I was quite happy with the one that we got. We've had the 'shake' ones, and they didn't last too long. The one that we chose is a wind-up flashlight with two light settings, and it will charge your cell phone! This makes it great for camping or power outages, IMO.

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J said...

LOL...I love those! We buy another one every time we find one. I think we have 6 now. I use one every day to see stuff in the back of my pantry (not that it's a big pantry, just in a dark corner). When the power went out a couple of weeks ago I sat and read a book in bed with just one of the small ones. They're great! Several family members will be receiving one for Christmas this year ; )