Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bread, Bread, Bread!

It has occurred to me that those entering the realm of gf eating really ought to have a deep freeze and a very large oven. That way, it would only be necessary to make bread once a week, rather than every other day....or even every day....As it is, I can make two loaves of bread at once, but I only have storage for one loaf. NOT conducive to a good human/bread ratio in our home! Some might think that we just eat too much bread, and perhaps they'd be right. In the past few days, it's been my fall-back for making things seem 'normal'. It's easier to say 'no' to different off-limit food requests if you have a familiar stand-by for replacement. "No darling, I'm afraid that you can't have your favorite cookie, cracker, pita...but look at this lovely sandwich I've made for you!"
I'm sure that this overindulging will wan soon- you can only eat so many sandwiches, right? So, I've been fiddling around with new lunch ideas and snack options. There are always the obvious choices of salads, soups,fruit , or vegetables. Omlettes are a good choice, as are rice cakes with peanut butter. I just need to start utilizing some of the wonderful foods that we haven't chosen in the past.
Really, we haven't given up any foods. I can recreate facsimiles of our old cookies and muffins, or I can create new favourites. We can still eat our beloved pizza, it'll just have a different crust! Nachos are in, as are pitas if I get around to trying the recipe. Rice pasta is everywhere, or I could make my own; there are always corn tortillas if nothing else works! All that I really need is time, patience, a larger oven, and a deep freezer. I wonder how the super would feel about taking out the cupboards to accomodate me....? ;-)

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