Monday, December 10, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

A few years ago if someone had asked me what I wanted for Christams, I would have drawn a blank. Not that I didn't want different this or that, it was just that I didn't want any of it more than anything else. This year, I'm not having that problem. I want a digital camera. I'm not likely to get one, and that's OK, but between you and me, a food blog without pictures is pretty boring. Why bother to read post after post of recipes if you aren't tempted by the fabulous pictures, where the food is plated in such a beautiful and appetizing way that you swear you hear the sound of angels? Ok, that's probably pretty extreme, but a pic to let you kow what you're getting into wouldn't be remiss!
In lieu of having pictures of my own, I'll send you over to Baking Bites, where the pictures are clear and bright, and the gingerbread cookies are what I am refigerating overnight for the dc to put together tomorrow. I haven't had lemon icing with gingerbread before, but it sounds like a good idea, and the kids will have fun piping it onto their creations.

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