Monday, December 17, 2007


Someone may have noticed that I can't seem to land on the proper header for this site. Just because it's accurate doesn't mean that anyone wants to read about it, and perhaps my life just isn't exciting enough to lure readers. Seriously, I started this blog to have a place where my recipes wouldn't get ruined, lost, or used as drawing paper. Now I find myself wondering if anyone else cares. I've had some negative comments and some wonderfully positive comments, but sometimes I find myself stressing about whether or not my space is inviting, or the title fitting, or even if people are turned off by a lack of pictures or the fact that I'm wishy-washy about becoming vegetarian or eating gluten free. What about those who stumble on here expecting some sage homeschooling advice, and only find a few jokes and lots of recipes!?
I'm afraid that I'm not an expert in anything. I read about my interests, but there's always another post refuting the last article I read. I homeschool my children, but most days I learn more than they do. Maybe not schoolwise, but definitely about living. My children have taught me more about life, love and laughter than I ever knew existed. Maybe I did as a child, but somehow it's passed me by over the years.
I'm afraid that if you're looking for professional help, this isn't the place to stop. If you're looking for someone who makes numerous mistakes and isn't afraid to talk about them, then Welcome!

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