Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vegan Cheese

I've had a few successes in the kitchen this week. Nothing tremendous, but I made a pretty good honey mustard sauce and a great wheat berry salad. Today I decided to tackle what could be a saving grace in my home: veggie cheese sauce. I had a bag of nutritional yeast, which has a cheese recipe on the side of it. I had some reservations about the whole thing- after all, I love real cheese! I was reassured by the numerous positive comments that I've found online though. Not for this recipe specifically, but for numerous other 'cheese' sauces.
The recipe wasn't labour intensive at all and was made with common household ingredients,but (my apologies to anyone who uses this recipe)there is no way that anyone in my family will eat this cheese. It tastes like something that is dead and rotting. (Or so I would imagine, since I'm not used to having rotting dead things in the house). Not only that, but the accompanying smell has permeated my house! Sort of a more subtle version of when a neighbour cooked something a few years ago- dh and I could only figure they were boiling rotten whale. :0p
I've found a couple of new recipes that I'll be trying. They incorporate soy milk and/or nuts and tahini, so hopefully one of them will be a hit. If not, then I guess that our dream of mac and cheese will have to remain far off on the horizon.

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