Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sick Again!

Today I was supposed to take a look at a friend's copies of a couple of Bette Hagman's books, but it wasn't happening. Dd still had quite a bad cough, and I just couldn't bring myself to allow her to spread germs this close to Christmas.
I don't know what it is, but if there's something going around, then it's gonna stop at our house. Germs and viruses love to come and hang out with us. We eat our veggies, we get outside in the sun, we exercise....what else is there? The house is clean, but not so clean that we suffer from a 'lack of germ exposure'. There are two kids and two cats here, there's only a certain amount of clean that you can be. We have an air purifier! I have tried different things to boost our immune systems: echinacea, oil of oregano...we take vitamins! (Aspertame-free vitamins, thank-you very much! It's amazing how hard it is to find those suckers!) We get lots of sleep...well, I mean, I'd certainly sleep for as long as the children allowed, but we all get at least nine hours a night.
So. We should be as healthy as the next bunch, and I am terribly insulted that germs like us. I miss out on way too much skating this way! Oh...and the children! They expect me to be far too entertaining! I have about three hours of entertaining in me per day, and when we're shut up for three days, I'm short a few can do the math there! I know they can entertain themselves, but quite a lot of my time is spent explaining that to THEM!
Off to get a start on tomorrow. Hopefully we'll all be healthy and raring to go! ;0)

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