Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Night Lights

Tonight we skipped bedtime and went to the Cavalcade of Lights. We picked up some hotdogs from a stand (I was the only one to choose tofu!), then skated for a couple of hours. At 9pm there was a terrific fireworks display. I hadn't realised before how smokey fireworks are, but what a mess! Ds was coughing, and I was worried that dd would have an asthma attack.
It's not that I wasn't aware of how damaging fireworks can be for the environment, I had just never been close enough to be engulfed in the smoke. When we went, I actually thought that there was going to be a 'light' display, not fireworks. As we were standing there and the cascades were going off, all I could think was "should I just grab the kids and leave? Am I doing the wrong thing by not boycotting this display right now?" . I stayed. The dc clapped, we choked and coughed, and now I have to explain to my children that although Mommy allowed them to see the display, fireworks are actually a bad thing. Does it make me 'bad' that I didn't immediately leave? I doubt it.
Hopefully, having seen the smoke and heard the noise (although as cascades, there was actually very little noise), I'll be able to give them a better view on the entire problem.

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