Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The children and I were working on our Gingerbread men today, and I suddenly decided that I should make another batch of cookies. This time, I was going for shortbread. I thought that they would be amazing with lemon icing, and I was going to be whipping up a batch of that in an hour or so....I felt secure in making the recipe from the side of the cornstarch box. I had made it a few times when I was younger, and they always tasted OK.
'OK' is no longer the term I would use. Either I made a huge mistake, or there is something wrong with that recipe. I'll be having a go at them again in the next week, and I'll be making some changes. At least we can cover the ones we have with lemon icing! It's always nice to have a vehicle for your dipping needs!

Added note: the icing is good with the gingerbread cookies, but nothing could fix the poor shortbread. I think it must be due to the fact that I used Earth Balance instead of butter. I haven't had a problem with it before, but that's the only thing that I did differently. Oh well! I'll make up a new batch in a few days. I have a great whipped shortbread recipe that a friend sent me last year. This time I'll use real butter.

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Penelope said...

ohhh, yummy. I've never tried lemon icing with gingerbread before - it sounds delicious!